Arthemis IV

About the Application

This Application processes data, such as Temperature and Photon-counting, collected through an USB interface of a Thermoluminescence Dating system, which it is provided of a SAMD21G18 microcontroller programmed by me in C++. Arthemis IV exploits therefore the thermoluminescence dating technique, which with the its deepest ability of keeping a constant rate the heating of sample and its high sensitivity in capturing the radiation emitted is able to date ancient artefacts from about 1,000 to 500,000 years ago. The rate can be settable in the parameter tab from 10 ºC/sec to 25 ºC/sec.

Arthemis IV is a fully functional Application still in progress which I made from scratch for Iridium Scientific Sas.

Skill level: advanced.

More details about the system

Thermoluminescence Dating system measuring screen.


Setting up an experiment

This application is provided with an advanced set of settings which allow the user to calibrate the instrument and to set up an experiment also with not common settings. The settable range of temperature with heating rate customizable and the acquisition time changeable that allows to collect until circa 850 points in 30 seconds, make this instrument suitable for satisfy the needs of the most demanding user. The simplicity of the user interface is able to give a great user experience, reducing processing time, so that the user can only focus upon its own experiment instead of losing time to learn how to use it.

Thermoluminescence Dating system measure settings screen.
Thermoluminescence Dating system heating settings screen.
Thermoluminescence Dating system settings screen.


Processing the data

The experimental data collected by the instrument sensor such as thermocouple and photomultiplier, are processed by SAMD21G18 microcontroller and sent through a USB connection to the computer that provides to process and show the data in more human readable form such as charts and tables. The measurements control, such as starting and stopping the measurement at a minimum and a maximum temperature, intensity of radiation detected and other system control are carried out directly by microprocessor and sent to the pc. The control software automatically saves the data received in a file and shows them then in a chart. Additional experimental data and the parameters are also saved in the file, which are available in a details window, with the possibility of adding some note.

Thermoluminescence Dating system details window screen.

Exporting data

All experimental data are collected by the system and saved in a file, which can be exported as xls, xlsx and csv, besides the possibility to copy the data in to the clipboard and to paste them everywhere. A measurement report can be printed or saved as pdf.

Giuseppe Santoro